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Archive December 2005

1977: continued from our November issue:

In light of the ban imposed on the sale of Never Mind The Bollocks, P.Dory, of Worthing, wrote to the stuffy old Argus:

"Having in mind the new controversy over the punk rock group the Sex Pistols, I should like to ask why WHSmith, Woolworths and Boots are refusing to sell the group's latest album. I think this is an infringement of my liberty. I am eighteen. Can I not decide for myself what I want to hear?

I feel the reason for the action taken against the Pistols is that they are, through some of their songs, making valid criticisms of some aspects of a society which is slowly sinking into apathy and complacency. If the reaction to the Sex Pistols is an example, on a small scale, of British freedom of speech, then the group are right when they say "There is no future and England is dreaming...""

Woolworths came back with a typically pithy reply: "The Sex Pistols new album did not meet our laid-down criteria. Therefore it will not be stocked. We will continue to exercise our discretion." Yeah, well, bollocks!

Meanwhile, the Depressions signed a deal with Barn records for the single 'Family Planning". And the Official Receivers put the 111 year old West Pier on the market...so now you know.

Click here for the Depressions

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