Archive August 2001
This aint the summer of love

May 1978: MANHUNT AFTER PUNK BRAWL ENDS IN MURDER ran the Sun headline. On tour with the Vibrators, a Depressions gig at Preston Poly turned nasty when four people were hosptialised and one died with head injuries after 'the dance floor turned into a bloody battlefield', to quote Brighton's very own tabloid, the Evening Argus.

Some sources claimed rival Preston North End, Blackpool and Man Utd football gangs started the 'riot' (a very fashionable word those days) after the band had just finished their last number. Who did what to whom hardly matters. It happened.
If anyone was ever convicted of 22 year old Henry Bailey's death, it remained vague, no longer newsworthy.

Death at a Depressions gig in Preston satisfies the lust of the tabloids
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