Archive August 2004
Stuart Jones Memoirs & Reviews

Despite some initial enthusiasm (see Archives) we didn't manage to raise an awful lot of concrete interest with the 'Punk Brighton gig' idea. A lot of people haved moved on, of course, in more ways than one. Some are sadly no longer with us. But we'll keep plugging away and see what happens in the future. Anyone who is interested, feel free to email us.

Many thanks to Rich. who sent us another photo of Joby & the Hooligans, from way back when. We've also added the photo from the Vault opposite, click on it to take you to the updated Hooligans page. I think Helen McCookerybook sent us that one. They were a lively outfit, with Helen's pumping bass and Joby as the extrovert front man. Helen then went on to front the Chefs, then Helen & the Horns. But for her that was only the beginning. Now Doctor Helen, she recently sent us a very interesting email. To read it GO >

Click for Hooligans
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