Archive August 2003

This month we’re offering just one punter the chance to win a fantastically rare prize. A one-off compilation CD of mostly hard-to-find Brighton rarities from the punk and new wave era. Here’s how it works: you supply the answers to four questions, and email them to us here at punkbrighton.

Click on the image opposite to answer the questions and to see the full 16 track listing.

Emails with all four questions answered correctly will be put into our special pork pie hat. Then, one will be selected at random from the pile. The winner and the correct answers will be announced at the beginning of next month, on this very front page. The compilation CD, Never Mind The Pistols, Here's The Brighton Bollocks, features some tracks which, outside of the orbit of the various groups, have never been heard in public before.

NB: A friendly word to all the artists featured on our competition CD: this is a one-off compilation to celebrate 25 years since the onset of Brighton punk music. If any artist has any objections about their track being included, please email us and we will withdraw that track. This CD is literally a one-off, no copies will made for sale.

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