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Punk's not dead, so when is the revival?

Judging from our recent spate of e-mail, punk's alive and kicking. Helen McCookerybook, formerly of the Chefs, is writing a thesis on women who played in punk bands back in the late 70's. Helen contacted us recently asking for info on the subject. If you played in one of the female bands, you can get in touch with Helen at

August Best email

Winner of our first Best e-mails T-shirt goes to Nicole who sent this in June:
"There's not much to say. The only thing I can say is thank you. You's have helped so many people realize what they want to do and not to let the govenment bring them down. I don't fit in with the people I live around but I do fit in with people like you's. I don't care what people think about me as long as they listen to what I say. And for some reason they do listen to me. So that's the power that you have given one girl and trust me, I'll do good with it. Well that's all. Cheers."

So there you go Nicole, let us know what you'd like printed on the shirt and we'll get it off to you.

Helen from the Chefs
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