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There's no doubt punk put Brighton music on the map, especially when the Piranhas got a silver disc for the hit single Tom Hark. But was it punk anymore by then? Anyway, most football fans will know this song- it's currently sung at most matches up and down the country even now. How's that for durability? Later. artists like Fat Boy Slim and Stomp took Brighton music on to a whole new international level.

Our thanks go out once again to John Dead Fish. who sent us three posters, which are featured opposite. (Click on the poster to take you to the Jonnie & the Lubes page and scroll down.) He writes: 'It seems that there was something happening every day in and around the Brighton area: gigs, recordings, releases and other stuff related to most of the bands - there would appear to be enough posters, articles and some surprisingly clear recollections to support the dates and times of these events - how about a complete diary for each year that could be built up as the info comes to light - each diary entry could have any relevant info at a click.'

To get the ball rolling, you can email Jon with your diary entries at

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