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Silver disc for the Piranhas- then it's over

Twenty years on, John Helmer summed up life as a Piranha when he wrote this touching piece in 1997:

"...It was at the Alhambra that the infamous Pete Waterman saw us, the man who was eventually to give us our first, and as it turned out fatal, taste of chart success. Ironically enough, having survived years of slogging up and down the M1; after a tragic car crash which killed our road manager Dave Bullock and hospitalized other members; after poverty, hardship, the Anti-Piranha League, contractual wranglings, bad drugs, bad sex, bad food and the day-to-day rigours of living that vision, it was getting into the Top Ten that finally polished us off..."

A silver disc was the Piranha's reward for their one and only chart success Tom Hark, but it was all over bar the shouting.

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