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Here is an extract from the Piranhas Fan Club fanzine, which was largely written and compiled, cut and pasted, photocopied and Tippexed monthly by Suzy Horne. In October 79 (?) issue, Suzy asked 'Boring' Bob Grover to write about himself:

"It's all very well Suzy telling me to write about myself, but when you're as boring as me there's fuck all to write about. I could tell you about my dirty habits but they're probably the same as yours. I could tell you about my musical equipment, but it's a load of crap. I'd better tell you WHY I'm in a band. I'm in a band because I like music, hate work and had a brother-in-law who wore a red velvet suit and a bow tie and showed me that you could be the idol of your local Labour Club by knowing three chords and half a dozen corny pop songs.

I spent a year learning two chords, five years learning how to sing a tiny bit in tune. I still sing worse than most of the audience. The moral is, if you are miserable enough, bored enough, desperate enough, stupid enough and willing to starve for three years, you too can be a struggling 'musician'. If I weren't so sex-starved I would never have got here. You are the heroes."

Look out for more fanzine excerpts over the coming months.

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