Archive June 2000
Stuart Jones Memoirs & Reviews
Apathy in the UK resurfaces - Zilch interest in doing it all again!

Brighton promoter Adam Brown's outfit Luminous Spook tried to get the Piranhas, Nicky & the Dots and the Lillettes to reform for a one-off gig at Concorde 2. But it seems that it's business as usual in post Thatcher /Blair Brighton. Apathy Rules, OK? But oi!, its a long time gone and better that people move on.

Punk was all about doing it, there and then, three chords!

Anyway, thanks to Alan St. Paul for sending this fab jpeg to us, you can view the Vault in all its splendour, click the thumbnail. The man in the picture is a young Ken Hogg, drummer for the Dots, Parrots and April & the Fools etc.

Click on the image to view the Vault in all its glory. circa 1978
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