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Vaultage 80 completes Attrix trilogy

Vaultage 80 was the last of the Attrix Vaultage compliations and its release coincided with the demise of the Resource Centre and the Vault, which burnt down in October 1980 (as reported in our December issue, click on Archives).

A year later, Attrix Records was to fold and the shop in Sydney Street closed down. By now, the punk scene nationally had largely gone mainstream with the success of bands like the Pistols, the Clash and the Damned.

To many people it seemed that the voracious appetites of the big record companies had finally swallowed up punk. All these factors had played their part to undermine the thriving Brighton music scene, Punk was dead - or was it? Ken Hogg did the artwork for all three Vaultage albums as well as drumming for the Parrots, Flesh, the Dots and April & the Fools, among others.

Click ken Hogg's image to see his work
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