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Normally we would run a front page story from Brighton's punk music past, but occasionally we feature modern day bands if they fit the bill. One band that would grace any punk gig of that time are Deadbeat Descendant. They feature some fine high-energy songs underpinned by punchy, staccato rhythms, much in the same vein as Nicky & the Dots, but with a harder edge and a fuller sound.

Raal Harris and Jeremy Norton began writing songs in 2004 and have put together some compelling melodies with intriguing lyrics. At the Free Butt on Fri 29 July they were in the groove and polished off a high-octane set with two encores. Their repertoire has grown over the last few months to include some excellent tunes, especially 'Plans', 'The Week That Creeps' and 'The Gold Digger'.

Drummer Rosco Harris, bassist Dean Marchant and guitarist Jeremy Norton form a dynamic rhythm section topped off with Raal Harris's extraordinary vocal range, which sets him apart from many contemporary singers. Is he the first punk singer who can actually sing? Check them out at the Gloucester (Fri Aug 5)and the Free Butt (Fri Aug 19). In the meantime, browse for downloads at

Golinski Bros/John Peel/Channel 4Channel 4 got in touch recently - they want to know if anyone out there has any live footage of the Golinski Bros doing 'Bloody'. This is for a documentary they are doing about the late, great John Peel. If you know of anything that might be relevent, email us

Click for Deadbeats
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