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Following on from our recent piece on Attila the Stockbroker's rendition of Tom Hark, in aid of the Albion, the man himself has now sent us a blow-by-blow account of his recollections of the Vault. This is an exclusive for us, as it will be reproduced in Attila's forthcoming autobiography. His own band, BRIGHTON RIOT SQUAD, did their one and only gig at the Vault in August 1977.

You older punks, get yer X-Ray specs on and take a walk down the memory lane that is the Vault. That was when things really kicked off in Brighton. All the local bands could play there and did. Early on, the former Jimi Hendrix manager and Animals' bassist Chas Chandler himself paid a visit, checking out the bands one dark, sweaty night in that tiny venue.

If my memory serves me right, the Stranglers also graced the meagre stage, which was basically a few dodgy pallettes. But the sound down there was fantastic, it helped make the music sound so fresh, raw and new. Follow the links to the Vault to read Attila's in-depth account of the madness and mayhem.

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