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Ian Dury - poet of punk, RIP

No, Ian Dury wasnt from Brighton, but I remember going to a Blockheads gig at the Top Rank (now the Event) at the time of his ground-breaking album New Boots & Panties. Waiting for him to take the stage was like waiting for God- the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic and the set was full of all those marvellous songs. His influence on punk bands nationally and in Brighton was incalculable and his sense of fun infectious. A lyrical genius.

What is punk? According to one UK dictionary it says: punk- 1. inferior, rotten, worthless (person or thing). 2. petty (hoodlum) 3. style of rock music.

Another dictionary says: punk- an American word for a male prostitute in prison.

Yet another dictionary: punk- 1. A whore 2. A soldier's trull (you can look that one up yerself)

Derivatives: punker- A wencher. punkish- 1. meretricious (superficially or garishly attractive- I looked that one up for ya!) 2. insincere.

So now you know.

Ian Dury- inspired a lot of punk bands with his own brand of sex and drugs and rock 'n roll.
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