About the Smartees

Joby Visigoth • vocals
Helen McCookerybook • bass, vocals
Tracy Preston • vocals
Carl Evans • guitar
Steve Beardsley • guitar
Ricky Rich • drums

Rick Rich | Hooligans/Smartees
Hello again Phil. As regards the Smartees, they were only a short-lived evolution of Joby & the Hooligans, and didn't last long! On that basis, I personally think they don't really need a page of their own.

Can I suggest the following changes to the Hooligans pages to fill them out a bit, to also incorporate the Smartees? Firstly, please add me - Ricky Rich - as the drummer. My ego needs unbruising!

Secondly, I've had a think and the main wording on the page could be changed or added to, something like:

In mid 1978, Joby & the Hooligans morphed briefly into the Smartees, with the addition of Carl Evans on guitar and Tracy Preston on vocals, with Steve Beardsley (a.k.a. Steve Video) adding saxophone to guitar. Artistic and other differences led to the Smartees dissolving in late 1978. Helen later formed the Chefs

A few Hooligans/Smartees song titles:
• (I want an) Elsinore
• A Vandal Ain't No Scandal
• Seeboard Gas
• Looking through Gary Glitter's Eyes
• Mary Bell
• Kiss your feet

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The Smartees scrapbook

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