About The Mets

Benny (drums)
Mr. C (guitar)
N. J. (bass),
Sims (voice, guitar),
Tim (Keyboards).

Formed from two other Brighton bands (The Dials and Johnny Awkward and the Awkward Johnnies) around 1980, The Mets were a post-punk pop band but with the odd funky touch - Magazine might be the best point of comparison.

They released two cassette-only albums, Darwin II (1980) and Closet Romantics (1981). The track I sent (The End Of Time) was

intended for a planned live cassette, (Deadly Afternoon - The Mets Live At Lunchtime) which failed to see the light of day.

Various members went on to later Brighton bands including pop-funk outfit and Punter Award-winners Perfect Way and roots-funk-reggae collective Sean Connery.

Benny, after a farewell gig at The Alhambra (where else?) joined the diplomatic service and is now reportedly High Commissioner to India. As Ian Dury would have said, What a waste.

Many thanks to Nick Szczepanik who sent this info and photo.

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