About Eye To Eye

John Bolger • vocals, guitar
Scott Warman • vocals. bass
Geoff Ansell • drums

Eye to Eye were a trio formed in 1978 by John Bolger, Scott Warman and Geoff Ansell. Having started out playing new-wave pop songs, the band's love of reggae pushed the original songs in that direction until the set was total reggae.

They augmented the line-up with brass whenever possible (Zoot Alors from the Piranhas and Annie and Robbie from Second Nature), landing residencies at the In Place (underneath The Ahambra) and The Concorde.

They recorded an album with Denis Bovell and Joe Sinclair (who produced the Police's first album Outlandos d'Amour) which, unfortunately, was never released. The band split up around 1980.

Scott and Geoff have been in various bands since and played together with Mark Horse and Sue Bradley (formerly of the Reward System) in an alternative country band called The Blue Hearts, who have released several albums.

John Bolger disappeared off (the face of the earth) to his home town of Derby and has never been heard of since.

Jon Bolger

Brian Thomas | Eye To Eye | 2 Nov 2013
Hi Phil, sorry about the delay of however many years getting back to you about Eye To Eye and the genius that is John Bolger. I'd like to send you a track of John but it is long - like really long - like about ten tracks long but formatted as one track witha coupla seconds between each song. I'm afraid I'm not sure if it is mp3 I think it might be CD audio.

I'll attach it and see how we get on. The point is that John remains an undiscovered genius...perhaps some Brighton connection can get him discovered cos it's just such great material. He's writing great songs and forgetting them all the time. Am I imagining all this, or is he really a genius...omigod - it could be both!
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