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The Golinski Brothers Resurrection at the Prince Albert, Sat 5 Sept 2009

Golinski's blow the roof off the Albert

MC Punkdaddy waxes biblical:
And lo, I wandered up to the Albert. The second coming was nigh. And as it came to pass, behold the Golinski Brothers. Kicking off to a packed house and a fun crowd that spanned the generations, the Golinski's Resurrection was truly a night to remember. Great to see so many old faces (old being the operative word in my case) from the Vaultage era, along with a nice healthy sprinkling of offspring, who danced their cotton socks off at the front of the stage. What joy.

Darris had lost none of his old charm, ever the consummate frontman. The Golinski's had lost nothing of their old zip either, the set racing along at a furious lick. They reminded us all that great music doesn't always get the merit, praise or recognition it deserves. Bar John Peel, who knew a good thing when he heard it.

How was Bloody never a chart hit? Timing probably - pants disco being the order of the day back in 79. Scandalous. Of course, the entire audience knew the words to Bloody and sang along:

"...my life's in a mess, I get so depressed, still you gotta have a laugh. Ha ha ha ha..."

It was a performance of heart and soul from a class act. Thank you guys.

Great sound, expertly mixed by Steve Jones, hot and sweaty dancefloor, a fabulous atmosphere in the best music venue in town. Who could ask for more? Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

18 year old singer/guitarist Sherika Sherard from Streatham opened the show with a half hour set that was mostly her own material. Excellent lyrics, especially on "Please Don't Hate'. She warmed the old cockles...

To celebrate 30 years since the birth of Vaultage 79, 20 copies of the original legendary vinyl 12" album were given away. Needless to say, they went like the proverbial hot cakes - demand completely outstripping supply in seconds!

Browse down this page and enjoy the gig in pictures and slideshow below...

I wanna go where they've never seen snow...

....send my giro to Cairo...

What am I bloodywell s'posed to do....

...got my bloodywell self bloody stuck on you...

Al Bines on keyboards

Will on sax

Bob Golinski on guitar

Paul Denny on drums

Olly on bass

Al also does sax

photos taken on the night by punkdaddy, loading below...